The sinometer is a machine that is supposed to measure whether people tend more to sin or virtue. The apparatus is made out of different parts from medical technology equipment and a micro processor.

In a time where a dualistic understanding of the world - a black and white thinking like the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues is mostly understood to be archaic, there are still a lot of iffy methods used in our society which are based on that very idea to prove a point or come closer to reality. There are lie detectors on plenty of TV talk shows for instance, there is of course the scientology e-meter, which is believed to reflect or indicate whether or not a person has been relieved from spiritual impediment of past experiences. But also officials work with similar techniques. In Great Britain they install telephone lie detection systems in an effort to combat benefit cheats or force sex offenders to take lie detectors to see if they are a risk to the public or are breaking the terms of their release.

After a long term research including diverse interviews (i. a. priests and psycho therapists) Jennifer Baumeister could draw a connection between fear and sin: fear as the origin of every mentioned sin and love as the origin of the virtues.
As a consequence she built a machine showing people's tendencies to sin or virtue by measuring their body signals.

Yet the sinometer doesn't only show whether you are likely to be a sinner, but also how easy it is to be put into a category and how willingly people accept simple answers.
In the show a work diary showing the development of the machine can be seen as well.

For more details: please read the work journal below.

Link to the WORK JOURNAL(pdf)    (creation and developement)








my gratitude to: Guido Beissert, Cheryl Bleakley, Anja Kunst, Reverend Scheufele, Reverend Jage-Bowler,
Reverend Dr. Michael Höhle, Anita Leisge, Dr. med. Eva Schielke and everybody else that helped me to realise this project.