In a room, behind a gauze curtain, there are 8 casts of the artists. They are dressed in grey uniforms. The audience sees dif-ferent pictures which are associated traumatic events projected onto their faces, These pictures are not clear and are meant to give the viewer an opportunity to think about own memories.
In the background, a tape is played on which statistics of post-traumatic stress disorder are given in 16 different languages, spoken by native speakers:

The Occurrence of posttraumatic stress disorder

· 55,5% after rape
· 38,8% due to war
· 35,4% due to illtreatment during childhood
· 21,8% due to neglect during childhood
· 19,3% due to sexual herassment
· 17,2% due to the threat of armed violence
· 11,5% due to physical violence
· 7,6% after an accident
· 4,5% after a fire or natral catastrophe
· 7% due to witnessing an accident or physical violence


There are people in every country of the world, who suffer from the causes of trauma. Sometimes the memories are vague but all of them can lead to chronic emotional and physical ill-health.




Video Link to the Installation in 'Verwertung' Stadtbad Wedding, Berlin

The video Installation, based on the Trauma Installation consists of a room with an abandoned bed and a video projection. The viewer can only have a glimpse into the room through a curtain or a little hole in the wall and can see the projection of a masked person pacing sleeplessly up and down while listening to the h statistics of post-traumatic stress disorder in 16 different languages.